Community Organizational Structure for the 400th

Registration: What is the goal?

To maintain cohesion between our vision and the priorities of the organizational framework for the 400th and the communities

Registration principles

  • Having links between the community’s vision and that of the 400th
  • Exhibiting the rich history of the French language and Franco-Ontarian culture
  • Anticipate mesurable results for our provincial and national communities
  • Having structuring, long-term effects
  • ŒŒMeet the goals of our current framework and our established priorities
  • ŒŒHave a positive impact on our target demographic
  • ŒŒFavor the participation of many linguistic groups, including the anglophone majority
  • ŒŒDevelop new partnerships and non-traditional partnerships
  • Having theses activities occur between the Œ1st of January 2013 and the 30th of October 2015