Mission and values

Five essential values :

  • Open-mindedness : Being inclusive and fair towards all ideas and demographic groupes while recognizing the diversity of Ontario
  • Excellence : Aim for a high standard regarding the activities for the 400th
  • Transparence : Conserve integrity regarding decisions and communicate openly with our partners and the community
  • Community Leadership : Focus on the contribution of our critical mass, favor the implication and participation of our community
  • Commitment : Maintain solidarity, perseverance and determintation to make sure all activities are successful


Four priorities :

  • Heritage : preserving and transmitting francophone cultural heritage
  • Tourism : developing local, regional, provincial and national tourism
  • Education : promoting and transmitting culture and history to our youth to encourage identification with our heritage
  • Arts and culture : Presence of all facets of our culture
Priority aspects for the 400th
HeritagePreservation and, especially, transmission of French Ontario’s cultural heritage is at the core of the community programming for the commemorations of the 400th anniversary of the French presence in Ontario. It is intended not only as a tool for developing a sense of belonging in Ontario’s francophones, but also a source of wealth in order to promote the cultural diversity and collective memory of Ontario as a whole.
(See Appendix A – Reference framework for Franco-Ontario cultural heritage)
TourismCommunity programming for the 400th anniversary of the French presence in Ontario will be a tool for developing first-rate local, regional, provincial, and national tourism.
EducationCommunity programming for the 400th anniversary of the French presence in Ontario will be a tool for promoting and transmitting culture and history, while promoting identity-building in the school community, from early childhood to the post-secondary level. The programming also seeks to reach out to immersion programs and adult education centres. Several transmission drivers will be promoted, including intergenerational activities and the development of teaching resources for the 400th.
Arts and cultureEach cultural and artistic discipline is a transmission medium par excellence of the rich cultural heritage of French Ontario, and should be at the forefront of the community commemorations of the 400th anniversary, since they are accessible at all levels. The goal of the strategies is to use the arts and culture to make heritage relevant in today’s world.